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Auto Accident - Car Totaled ...Am I really OK?

After a car accident the first thing I ask, “Are you ok, how bad is the car?” Far to often they respond, “I’m ok, but the car is totaled.” Its hard to believe that a 3,000 pound automobile is completely torn apart beyond repair, but the 100-200 pounds of human body inside is perfectly fine.

Unlike a car, your body is something you cannot trade in. Damages do not magically go away and the longer you wait to seek medical attention the more internal damages you could be potentially causing yourself. Sadly, most people think that you have to see or feel immediate injury. WRONG! I guarantee they had their car fixed before they used it again because it was “unsafe” whether they could “see the damage” or not.

Whiplash is a sudden forward and backward movement of the head after a hit or fall. This can cause postural abnormalities and joint dysfunction. Recent studies have shown the damage to the back and neck from a forceful blow, a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or a fall may either be felt immediately, not for hours, or sometimes not for years. When someone leaves an injury untreated resulting changes may begin to occur in the spine. The soft tissue and bones of the neck will cause pain, muscles will become fibrotic or less pliable, scarring will develop in the tendons and ligaments and there will be degenerative changes in the spine. It is imperative that you get checked out immediately following a car accident or fall. Left untreated the muscles will remain tight and adapt to this new position. This will alter your Range of Motion (ROM); the spine will wear unevenly and lead to degeneration due to the atypical stress. These are the people who have symptoms years after an auto accident and don’t grasp the connection.

Whiplash Injuries Can Cause Irreversible Ligament Damage Ligaments provide structural stability within the spine. Ligaments connect bone to bone and are connective tissues made up of collagen fibers. During whiplash the ligaments in the neck are overstretched which results in a sprain. Overstretched ligaments can actually tear and often they fail to heal properly if at all. A violent stretching of the cervical ligaments can cause damage to the nerve receptors within the ligament. Long-term studies of whiplash victims displays substantial weakening of the ligaments and often manifests in altered joint motion. Numerous long-term studies of automobile accident victims who suffered whiplash mechanism injuries illustrate permanently altered and weakened cervical spines.

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