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Whats the difference between someone who gets cancer and someone who doesnt?

What’s the difference between someone who get’s cancer and someone who doesn’t? Most people have no idea, they think it has just been the hand they’ve been dealt. Bad luck, I guess. It’s just in my genes, runs in my family. Science is proving that is not true! Dr. Samuel Epstein, one of the nation’s leading oncologists states that less than 2 percent of cancers have a hereditary component.

So then, what’s the difference? Cancer in it’s simplest definition is just abnormal or mutated cells. We all have them, thus we all have cancer. But your body turns over these cells on a daily basis, and makes sure they don’t get out of control. So say, I may have 250,000 abnormal cells in my body as we speak. Well when that count reaches around 1 billion, that’s what is diagnosed as “cancer” and is detectable by modern day tests. So you probably know someone who had cancer, went in to remission, and then a few years later it came right back. That’s because they only got below that billion mark, they never actually fixed the reason why their body wasn’t turning over these cells to begin with. Just killing the abnormal cells with radiation or chemo doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

To put this in to an analogy, we all know someone who died far too young from lung cancer caused by smoking. For this example let’s say they died in their 40′s. But we also all know or have heard of someone who smoked all their life and lived in to their 90′s and died from natural causes. Let’s say those two people both smoked 2 packs a day, the exact same amount of cigarettes. What was the difference between the two individuals? They were exposed to the exact same amount of toxins. The difference was that the 90 year old’s body did a more efficient job turning over those abnormal cancer cells and dealing with the toxins. So what controls all healing in our body? The central nervous system. That is why it is so vital for it to be functioning as close to 100 percent at all times.

Our culture has gotten really caught up in finding a cure. Race for the cure, walk for the cure. We have all wore ribbons, gave a dollar or two at the grocery store to raise money. We need to take the focus off the cure and place it on the cause. Does that make sense? We are waiting on a miracle drug when 98 percent of cancers are caused by lifestyle choices and can be avoided all together. Stanford University is putting out more research than anyone else in a field of study known as “epigenetics”. They have proven that you genes do not determine your destiny. That you can be “predisposed” but that doesn’t mean that you are “predetermined”. They have proven that while you receive certain genetic markers from your parents, these still have to be expressed or “turned on”. These markers are turned on by lifestyle choices. They compare your genes to a loaded gun, and that the trigger still must be pulled by lifestyle choices. So ask yourself, is your current lifestyle more in line with a body that is making or fighting cancer?

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