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Chiropractic Post-surgical Care

chiropracticadjustment.jpgEvery practicing chiropractor has had the experience of helping patients who suffered from failed back surgery.  Treating these patients, although common, is only sparsely documented in the scientific literature.  Two recent papers have made a significant contribution to this needed area of research.  The first study (August 2011) was a retrospective study of 32 patients who had postsurgical low back pain.  Cox flexion distraction technique was used with an average of 14 treatments over a two month period.  There were marked reductions in pre post pain scores and no adverse effects were noted. 

The second study was a case series of 8 patients that had residual low back pain following total disc replacement.  The purpose of this study was to assess potential adverse effects of spinal manipulation for those with disc replacement.  The post treatment effects included some stiffness or transient increase in discomfort but were no different than other back pain patients.  No significant adverse effects were noted.  The authors went on to note that “Although the purpose of this study was not to establish the clinical efficacy of spinal manipulation in patients with disc prosthesis, several clinical outcomes were assessed to better document the clinical presentation of each patient. In some cases, patients benefited from spinal manipulation and demonstrated clinically-significant (15-20%) improvement in pain and disability scores”.

CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study showed improvement for patients with low back pain subsequent to lumbar spine surgery who were managed with chiropractic care.

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