Spinal Decompression Patients' Advice: Avoiding Herniated Disc Surgery and Decompression Providers

~Back-to-Back: Patients share tips on experiences with spinal decompression

Want to know more about spinal decompression from those who have been affected most? In our Back-to-Back section, patients share tips and advice about using non-surgical spinal decompression to treat their back problems. Please visit our message boards to discuss spinal decompression, including the different types of chiropractic equipment used for this treatment.

Decompression helped me avoid surgery for a herniated disc

1.) I have just finished 20 sessions on a SpineMed decompression table, and now am in several weeks of PT to get my abs and lower back muscles into shape. My lumbar back has been a problem for 24 years. Have seen doctors and chiropractors; taken OTC and prescription meds. Thought I had arthritis. Fell last year and ruptured disc between L3-4. Primary doctor ordered MRI. Found three other herniated discs. NS thought surgery was a "sure thing". A friend saw a news article about local chiropractor and SpineMed treatment, and here I am, PAIN FREE after all these years. Treatments were only slightly uncomfortable, but 15 minutes of ice afterwards was very helpful.

         2.)  I used ice at home if needed, and an OTC NSAID (not needed every day). Now I sleep well    am able to take walks again, and am looking forward to completing my PT. PT is very helpful, and I now see a very normal future on my horizon. Besides the actual SpineMed treatments, I have a chiro who offers his patients the benefit of a Physical Therapist and a Massage Therapist in his office. He explained the procedure of SpineMed very thoroughly, and maintains an interest in my continuing recovery. When I saw my primary doctor three weeks ago, he was unfamiliar with SpineMed treatments, and is now considering adding this treatment to his office. There are other spinal decompression tables, however as I did research on the procedure, those persons treated with SpineMed seemed the most satisfied. I also understand that a new table (different manufacturer) has recently become available, and appears to offer similar results. Anyone facing surgery should check out this less invasive treatment first. I sure am glad I did!!!

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